Only some

Only some Similar talk makes very painful impressions on the girl, especially if she was a little dissatisfied with that was not born the boy or if she is inclined to worry excessively about the health.

The more doctors and tutors study the menstrual periods, the more are convinced that most of girls and women can quite lead a normal, healthy, vigorous life during periods.

Only some girls feel severe pains during this period.

Quite often severe pains happen at those women and girls to whom from the very beginning imparted concern about their health.

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In total

In total Shook Yablonka, rocked branches, and a ripe apple from a branch buooh!

Yes to hare on a nose!

Hare half asleep jumped.

With fear sees nothing, understands nothing.

Oh fathers!



Yes to run.

And met requirements of him the grandmother with the granddaughter, with a chicken and with a mouse.

In total with buckets, with yokes yes with water.

Hare from fright, from everything to running start, them directly under feet!

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The corn

The corn Corn, rice and a flour of the premiums less valuable products, than a flour of a rough grinding and grits.

The corn and rice are poor in vitamins and valuable proteins even before processing in comparison with grits, rye flour and wheat flour of a rough grinding.

Processing of grain deprives of it the most part of vitamins, mineral salts and cellulose.

Therefore such products as white loaf, macaroni, cookies, rice, a hominy, etc.

, it is necessary to give less often.

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The mouse

The mouse How it is called?

The child answers.

Costs in the field teremok opens the st page of the book, there is it behind a fence exercise Fence.

The mousenorushka runs by.

It was knocked, and nobody answers it.

Then the mouse tried a door to open exercise of Collar.

Door opened.

The mouse at first was frightened, then was surprised, and then was delighted.

The child after the logopedist carries out the corresponding mimic movements.

Entered in teremok and began to live there.

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The strong

The strong So, it is visible, it is necessary to throw everything, to sell shop.

But I for the child on everything am ready, even here on such last victim.

You only tell, it will be helped by it or not?

I think that is not present.

The girl will hardly estimate her victim.

The strong temperament and mother's pressure entirely directed on that to check everything by all means will cause the strongest counteraction and resistance in the daughter.

Mother will feel thus thrown out from life because in its understanding all life was concluded in its business and she is ready to sacrifice it.

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